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Chris Bosh and Celebration

Really dude? He went a little overboard with this suspect celebration. Haaa!! Woooow…. Ummm, yeah *pause* If you’ve seen Boondocks then you know what I’m talking about right there….

Fat People – When Noodles Call (NSFW)

See, this right here is funny yet embarrasing. Dude, it’s just some noodles. Damn! It ain’t even that serious. From the looks of him, that’s the main staple in his diet. Just turrible (Yeah, not terrible, turrible)….

CNN Gone Wrong

Damn!! Really? Why in the hell would they have this track in the CNN studio anyway? Freakin’ ridiculous…..

What in The Hell?!

WTF?!! Omg! It’s like looking at a train wreck. I can’t look away…. Why oh why must it be this way?

When your YouTube Fans Set you up for Failure

Why?!!! These people who are requesting her to dance to certain songs are just setting her up. She can’t dance. She’s a big girl, but damn!! Really? I have so many questions. Like: How do you have that many videos and not lose weight? Why is her bed so low? Does she really think she’s doing something? She’s dead wrong to be exposing all that belly meat for the masses to see. I at least give her credit for having the confidence to get up there though….

Dead Wrong – Relaxer on a 9-month old

This crap right here is ridiculous!! Who in the hell perms a 9-month old baby’s hair? I’m so sick of us black women feeling we have to straighten our hair. Ever since I went natural I realized it was the best decision for me. How can one justify putting chemicals on a baby’s head? Child Protective Services. That’s all I have to say….

Drunk Santa – Wow!


Out of Control Woman – Funny Crap


Eat it or Die!! WTF?!!! I say Damn….. *Running away*

Woman Bangs a Door – NSFW

WTF?!!! Go buy a toy. The better question is: Why is she doing this at work. *face palm*

The Offended Challenge

*Updated link since the old one removed the page*

Enter this challenge at your own risk: May induce gagging, vomiting, and/or nightmares. I am in no way responsible for you clicking and trying to complete the challenge. To complete it, you must make it all the way to the end of the page. Here are some people’s reactions to give you a gauge on how horrible the images are….

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