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Life Updates – 1 Sep 11

I haven’t posted about my life in a while so I thought I would give some updates.

I had another birthday and am unfortunately another year older and blows. Blows hard! I feel my youth slipping away as I type this. My job is completely unfulfilling due to many reasons for which I might talk about in the future. I’m still in school taking  5- 6 classes at a time so I can finish up my degree next year before my GI Bill runs out. I survived the big East Coast hurricane last week as well as the earthquake we had. It was definitely interesting and further makes me believe that the world is truly ending soon. Oh, and then my job itself is up in the air. I guess I will find out at the end of the month if I still have one or not due to the program I work for. I got another vehicle (traded in my Infiniti G35 coupe for the a 2011 sedan). Hmm…. That’s about all I can think of for right now. I have a list of topics I want to rant about though so stay tuned….

Possible New Job


So there is a possibility of a new job for me. Out of 250 applications, they said they narrowed it down to 6 or 7 people to come in for an interview. I went in and spoke to the owner and I guess now it’s down to me and another person to come in for a second interview; I have a 50/50 chance of getting it. I’m a little scared, but if I don’t get it it won’t be the worst thing in the world because I’ll still have my current job.  I’m looking elsewhere because I’ve come to the conclusion that my current job has no room for growth. At least in this new position I will be branching out of the administrative field and actually be able to reactivate my security clearance so those are some pros. The cons are I will have to come in earlier in the morning, shorter lunch, and more responsibility. They were already saying they have  a salary cap for the position and that my current salary is over it but they may be able to work it if I’m willing to keep the same pay. Um, I don’t know about that. Who leaves for a new job making the same pay?

Yes, It’s My Birthday!!


Yeah, another year older (31) and I still feel like I haven’t accomplished anything significant during the years. Maybe this year will be different…. *sigh*

Saving Baby Rabbits


So on Monday my husband was mowing the grass and found two baby rabbits. No mother was around and no nest. I called the local vet and they said to leave them outside in case the mother came back. I really didn’t want to do that because one of them was bleeding pretty bad from its nose. Nevertheless, I stuck them back outside. In the morning it looked like the sick one was doing worse so I put them in a box and took them to my job where I could keep them warm. I found a non-profit that would take care of them. The guy had all kinds of animals in his house: cats, turtles, etc. He gave the bunny that wasn’t doing too well a shot because he said he was in shock. After they get better and a little older,  he will release them back out into the wild. That was my good deed for the week. :)

Computer Down


So I haven’t posted in a little bit due to my computer being hit by a terrible virus. I got it just from searching on a regular job site! That’s crazy. I saw it happening too when my anti virus quarantined a file when I went to the page. That Google Redirect crap is no joke. My computer was fighting for its life. It got so bad that at one point before it was quarantined, my speakers started playing scary music! No joke. I was freaked the hell out. Regardless, I finally got my PC clean by going with a company called My Computer Works. They can remotely connect to your computer and clean it up for you. You can choose a one time fee of $199 or sign up for a plan for a year where if anything ever goes wrong, you can call them up and they will repair it for no extra fees since you’re paying each month. Great service! As long as you have high-speed internet and your computer is still able to turn on you can use the service.  Check them out….

Workout Plan and Diet

Life 1

So I’ve finally decided to get off of my ass and start working out. I told myself that I would get myself in shape by 30, and since I’m turning 31 next month I might as well start now. Better late than never. ;) I’ve been doing weight training and cardio since 5 July and I’m already seeing results. I just want to tone up my body, lose some inches off of my stomach and make my legs and butt bigger. I never realized how weak my muscles really were until I started working out – It’s extremely painful. My first week I made a beeline to CVS to get some Tiger Balm because that stuff is great for muscle pain. It smells like cinnamon and other stuff but it’s effective.

I’m contemplating posting my before and after photos but I’m still marinating on that one…. I’ve also cut carbs, soda, and sugars from my diet. I wasn’t trying to drop weight like that but I’ve already lost 3 1/2 pounds in 10 days. I’ve also started taking a supplement called Maca. It’s good for reproductive help and quite a female females said it increased either their breast and/or butt. I’ll see and keep you posted. I’ve only taken it for 4 days so I’m still holding out for results. I’m also going to start a detox cleanse next weekend. I’m sure that’s going to suck badly….

Shady Car Salesman


So I forgot to update everyone and say I got a new vehicle last month (an Infiniti Coupe). I was looking to get out of my old vehicle after I took it in to get a routine oil change and the guy called me back into the shop to look at my car. He told me he knew something was wrong when he drove it in. I was like WTF?! It was only 3 years old so there shouldn’t have been any issues. I had noticed the car was a little louder but nothing too major. Well, that and I started to smell exhaust fumes sometimes. Apparently there was a hole in my exhaust line because it was rusted through. How that happens I don’t know. Even the mechanic said he’s never seen that in a car that new and it was a defect so I should take it back to the manufacturer. I decided to say bump that and get a new car.

Like magic, I get a flyer in the mail a couple of days later saying they were having a sale at a dealership not too far from me. I make the trip up there with my male friend because I didn’t want to go haggling over a car by myself. I get there and after running my credit (which is not bad) they show me a few cars. I saw the one I wanted: A liquid platinum Infiniti coupe. The issue was my negative equity in my current vehicle. After running numbers and calling around, they finally called me back to the finance guy right before they were closing and said we got you financed for a vehicle. Now mind you, my friend and I were laughing because they were trying to finance another girl by us with a 24% interest rate. I was like, “Their credit must be jacked up!” I get up there and they say they got me financed with an interest rate of 23%. WTF?! I told them hell no and I would get my own financing. They kept saying you won’t get lower than that. I told them I have 3 banks, one of them will finance me.

Low and behold, I got financing at a credit  union for waaaay lower than that. The loan officer was looking at the paperwork the dealership handed me with the VIN and selling price and said something wasn’t right. I looked and they were trying to sell me the car for 3k more than what was being advertised on the internet. When I went to the dealership I specifically asked for the internet price.  Shady bastards!! I go back in there with my friend and check in hand. I’m pissed at this point and I storm in there. All the salesmen outside get quiet. They even ask me what’s wrong. I told them nothing; I wanted to see the loan specialist. I told finance guy I caught on to their game and of course they dropped the price. Why all of the shenanigans? It’s not even necessary. After I walked in there with the check the whole ball game changed. Their name was on it and they were going to do what they could to get the deal at the point so the ball was in my court. Long story short, I got the car but it was a complete hassle. This is why car salesmen get a bad name….

Fat & Maternity Leave Jokes


There comes a time when you realize you must get back in shape. We all get a reality check and I got mine on Friday. Like I said in a previous post, I have access to a vending machine in the new building I’m in. Unfortunately, it is the last thing I need in my grasp.  It’s gotten to the point where my coworkers tell me when the vending machine has been restocked. Yeah, that bad…. Anyway, on Friday my boss called a meeting and everything was going as planned. That is…. until we started getting into small talk. My boss “joked” that we all need to learn each other’s jobs in case someone goes on maternity leave. Uh, I’m the only female on the team. WTF?! Is he assuming I’m pregnant? You can tell I’ve gained a little weight but damn!! I just chuckled it off but inside I was visualizing myself kicking him in his balls. Rat bastard…. I’ve been there almost 4 years and he’s never made a point for us to cross-train.  Then in another meeting he kept staring at my stomach. Yes, when I sit down now I have a little pooch but it’s nothing serious. People get so used to you looking on point that when you slide, something clearly has to be wrong.  Dude needs to remember: It’s all fun and games until the shoe is on the other foot. I don’t “joke” about his belly and balding head. Dude looks like a bowling pin. He can’t even button his jacket all the way! I’m angry now so I’m going to go fuel my rage with an ice cream sandwich.

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    Unemployment Avoided


    So we found out we won the contract!! I’m very happy about that and know I am extremely blessed. The constant waiting and wondering is now over.  At least we have a job for another 5 years.

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      Job Status – Bad


      So in case you haven’t seen the Countdown Timer in the right-hand side of the screen, I’m facing possible unemployment very soon. Our current contract is up on Feb 28th so we were expecting news of who won by now. Now we got word that they are going to release the name of the company on March 15th. In the meantime, they have extended our bridge contract. WTF?! I see nothing but red flags now.

      1. If they wanted to keep us, why extend the contract? Why not just award it to us instead of waiting? Why, because I think this will be an upset. We’re all thinking that they are going with another company.

      2. At our staff meeting yesterday, the customer expressed trying to revamp some software of theirs to mimic what our tool does. They have been using our software for the past 3 years and have had no problems. Now all of a sudden, they want to stop using ours and edit their existing software to do what ours has been successfully doing. To me that sounds like they are trying to cut my company out completely.

      Maybe I’m being paranoid but I don’t think so. The writing is on the wall. Even our boss told us to put our resumes out so that is what I’ve been doing. Scary…. Stay tuned. I’m sure something interesting will come up. Wish me luck and/or pray for me. A sister can’t be jobless right now. I got bills….

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