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Five More Paychecks


Things are getting a little scary now. I just calculated that I have another five more paychecks coming before the end of our contract. That equates to five more paychecks and possible unemployment.  I’ve been through too much to get myself back on track and then to have the rug pulled from under me again. I am now going to apply elsewhere, even though the commute would be about two hours or so one way. Four hours of driving will kill me but at least my bills will be paid. Wish me luck and/or pray for me…..

Diagnosis – Pityriasis Rosea


Yesterday I went to the doctor because the medicine I had been using for my supposed “ringworm” was not clearing it up. Not to mention, since then I have had areas all over my body erupt in small rashes. This simply was not cool  because I have an intense fear of scars. Any minor trauma on my skin results in one: bug bite, scratch, bumping into something, etc.  so I wanted to stop the spreading as quickly as possible. After I’m in his office, I decide to pull down the band of my pants in the back to reveal the large mark in question. I decided to not lotion up this day so he could see the flaky, oval  blemish partly on the upper section of my behind. He looked at it and said ok and wanted to see the other marks. I showed him the rash of small, itchy bumps that popped up on my wrist, sides, inner leg, and back. He immediately said, “I know what it is and it isn’t ringworm. Let me go get a medical picture book.”  I was excited and then scared because it could be something so horrific he wanted to show me instead of actually verbalizing the diagnosis.

He came back in with his nurse and stated, “I want to show her so she can learn.”  Holy crap! I must be a leper or something.  I at least must have some shit they only have heard of in medical books and have never personally laid eyes on. I patiently waited for the diagnosis.  The doctor said, “you have Pityriasis Rosea.”  “What the hell is that?”, I exclaimed, “is it contagious?” He smartly asked me, “Do you want it to be?” Hell no! He explained to me that he had misdiagnosed a patient a long time ago with ringworm after just seeing the big patch I had, which he called a herald patch. They call it a herald patch because it is alerting you that something is coming. He gave the example of when a herald would alert everyone that the queen or princess was coming. Anyway, his patient hadn’t broken out in a rash yet so he diagnosed that person with a fungus (which is what my other doctor did). When the person broke out all over in a rash, that was when he was able to diagnose Pityriasis Rosea.

I explained to him how new ones keep coming up and he said it would do that. There is no cure because it is kind of viral in nature so it would have to run its course – normally 6-12 weeks. I asked could it come back and he said most people only get it once and no one really knows how you get it. Great! Only I get some crap that is unknown in origin. He gave me a prescription for Hydroxyzine because it can be used as an antihistamine. He then told me a trick: he crushed up a Zyrtec pill and mixed it with lotion and told me to put it on my itchy spots because it would numb the area. It did! The spots stopped itching and the fingertips I used to rub it on were numb. It  was crazy. The doc explained that if the rash doesn’t go away anytime soon that I should call him back. He can get me into a dermatologist within 1-2 weeks. I’ve bee calling around and I couldn’t get an appointment for at least 2 months.

Long story short, I’m glad that I don’t have ringworm and that I hope I have an accurate diagnosis this time.  The Hydroxyzine pills are crazy. They make you really calm and sleepy and it gave me vivid dreams. I’m still sleepy now and I took it last night so I don’t know if that’s a good thing, but I wasn’t itching and that’s worth the side effects.

Stomach Issues


Ever think you are having a good day and it ends up bad anyway?  Well that happened to me yesterday. My birthday ended up pretty good. After I stopped being lazy and decided to do something, my day was actually enjoyable. I hung out and then went out to go see The Final Destination at the end of the day in 3D. Although I liked the 3D part, the movie itself sucked (especially the ending). I woke up the next morning feeling like crap. Stomach bubbling, the whole nine yards. I think I got a stomach virus somehow.  Damn PF Chang’s…. I hope this is not a preview of how things will be…..



I’ve had a spot on my lower back for over a month that looked a little dry but it itched. I thought it might have been a ringworm but I wasn’t sure. I’ve been putting antifungal on it but it still hasn’t gone away. I finally decided to go to the Dr. yesterday and she had no clue either. WTH?! Isn’t that what I’m paying you for? She said it looked like a ringworm and told me to try a different antifungal cream. I think she may have been right because now I’m seeing other spots popping up. Effing great…..  I hope this cream works this time.

Traffic Ticket Avoided


I’ve been driving around for the past 6 years or so with no front plate. My friend always got pulled over and ticketed for no plate and kept saying I was lucky. I believe I was lucky but luck always runs out…. Going home for lunch I passed a State Trooper in the shopping complex by my house. I turned into my subdivision and saw him following me and instantly knew there was going to be a problem. Lights come on so I pull over and he asks me the standard question, ” Do you know why I pulled you over?” I honestly didn’t. He then proceeded to tell me I had no front tag. Luck was on my side because he only gave me a warning. Happy Birthday to me I guess….

Corneal Abrasion

Busted GlassesThe hits keep on coming but I guess I can say it was my fault. My left eye had been red for about 3 or 4 days and I ignored it. Being a contact wearer, red eyes are just normal sometimes. Well I guess I really was having a problem because I woke up today and could barely see! My left eye kept tearing up and I couldn’t bare to look at any type of light source. Here I am driving with my glasses on and a pair of huge sunglasses on top of them, squinting through to make sure I’m in my lane. It was horrible and probably a funny site to see. Not to mention, the pain was downright terrible. I decided to go to work in my eyeglasses that I only wear in the evenings and never in public. I have had these wretched things since 2003 because I was too lazy to buy any new ones because I thought I would never have to  go outside in them. Now mind you, while they are 6 years old, they also have chipped glass coating on the lenses as well as a 1/4 inch crack in the bottom right lens. Yes, I am going to work like this….. Looking like a busted hobo with glassy eyes because my ointment makes me look like I’ve been smoking something. Good times….  I have one more day left to wear these *crossing fingers* so I hope all goes well. LASIK is definitely higher on my priority sheet now.