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Black People and Old Police Cars

Old Police Car

This topic came to mind after I was visiting my local bank to go to the ATM and I saw police lights so I want to rant:

As I pulled in, I  saw an old-style police car stopped by a State Trooper. Immediately upon seeing the old police car I thought I guarantee it’s black guys driving it. I got out my car and looked and sure enough I was correct. It’s a messed up thought to have, I know, but a lot of us thought it. While waiting at the ATM, black and white were discussing the topic.

I, being black, never understood the hatred of cops until I was constantly pulled over. I am usually let go with a warning and the reason for me being stopped was always my fault but nonetheless, I don’t like the law.  Many of my male friends have been driving and got pulled over for no reason. I’ve been riding in my car a couple of times while my husband was driving and we weren’t speeding nor breaking the law. Does that stop the cops from pulling us over? Negative. DWB (Driving While Black) is real. When it comes to dealing with cops, I believe black men have it harder than black females. I used to go to checkpoints at an old job and the guards would never search my vehicle. My male friend, who was driving a car ahead of me, was searched constantly. Coincidence? Maybe….but I doubt it.

As much as a lot of us state that they hate cops, quite a few of us go out and buy an old cop car to drive around. WTF? You hate the police but are willing to drive around one of their retired cars? Are you kidding me? What is the point in that? I’ve asked many this question and no one can give me an answer. That’s like white people who say they don’t like black people, but will f*&% one. What in the hell?!  If you hate something, you hate everything dealing with that subject. You can’t pick and choose. That’s just my two cents