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The following below was taken from a forum I frequently visit. I feel for her because this just continues to prove the insensitivity of people. It makes me angry because people continue to feel the need to broadcast their self importance. The rude lady then told her to pay with a credit card like everyone else. Obviously if you have to pay for your groceries with a credit card instead of a debit card or cash you’re not doing too well yourself. I’ve been in line behind people using vouchers and don’t care. I’m sure they feel embarrassed but I don’t look down on anyone trying to make ends meet and survive. If I were the author of this letter, I would have told the lady behind me to kick rocks and get the hell out of line if  I was inconveniencing her so much. What an ass!  We need to show more compassion for others. Read on….

Dear Lady in the Checkout Line Behind Me at Giant :

Thank you for making a scene while I was attempting to check out with my WIC vouchers.

Speaking for everyone and anyone that has ever used these you would know two things…#1–they are carried in a large folder and the vouchers are checks–as if it isn’t “embarrassing” enough, they must be out for the cashier (and everyone else around you) to see…and #2–they are more time consuming for the cashier to ring up than “regular food”–so it is “embarrassing” when people get line behind you and watch your every move.

I chose to go to Giant at 3pm because I figured it would be less busy since many people are working at this time. When I got my items, I proceeded to checkout at the line that was busy, because I didn’t want to inconvenience anyone who may only have a few, non-WIC items. So after waiting for the preceding customer to check out, it was my turn. This is my first time using WIC in MD so it’s unfamiliar to me, but I sorted my items on the belt in order that they are on the voucher to make it easier (and faster) for the cashier. No one was behind me in line… The cashier rang up my items and I signed the first voucher. Then came the second voucher…a fruit and veggie voucher that is NEW in MD beginning TODAY…so the cashier must ask for managers assistance…at that point, the manager helps the cashier and shows the other employees the *new* voucher so they would not be confused when they got one. During this time, you decided to get in line behind me. I saw you glaring at me, at the cashier, at the vouchers in the large folder that is used with WIC…I heard you groaning and breathing heavily…I almost apologized before I realized that I should not HAVE to apologize to you. There were 8 other lines open, you chose this line. Then, when the cashier was finishing my fruit purchase, you loudly exclaimed “Jesus Christ! Pay for your #### with a damn credit card like everyone else!” and you gathered all of your groceries (and dropped your lettuce) and got into another line. The cashier looked at me…I looked at her…my son cried…we were all uncomfortable.

I tried to look for you in the parking lot to talk to you…but I then saw you SPEEDING out of the parking lot oblivious to the pedestrians around you. I hope what you were doing was very important to be in such a hurry.

If I could have talked to you, though, here is what I would have said…

If you feel THAT strongly about WIC, please contact your government. My husband is a United States Sailor. He works 70-80 hours per WEEK for your freedom, and STILL only makes a little bit of money, yes, little enough that we do qualify for WIC. If it is THAT much of a problem for you, I am SURE the U.S. military wives that suck up their pride to get these items that WIC provides for their family would APPRECIATE you providing the government with your input, that in fact, the military SHOULD make more money and not qualify.

While you go home to your sweet, wealthy life…remember, these people that qualify for WIC could be your son or daughter…we are PROUD of my husband’s job and though the pay is little; the reward and pride we have are infinite. Stop judging people…and last, please don’t curse in front of my child.

Thank you,
Proud WIC Receiving Navy Wife

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