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Corneal Abrasion

Busted GlassesThe hits keep on coming but I guess I can say it was my fault. My left eye had been red for about 3 or 4 days and I ignored it. Being a contact wearer, red eyes are just normal sometimes. Well I guess I really was having a problem because I woke up today and could barely see! My left eye kept tearing up and I couldn’t bare to look at any type of light source. Here I am driving with my glasses on and a pair of huge sunglasses on top of them, squinting through to make sure I’m in my lane. It was horrible and probably a funny site to see. Not to mention, the pain was downright terrible. I decided to go to work in my eyeglasses that I only wear in the evenings and never in public. I have had these wretched things since 2003 because I was too lazy to buy any new ones because I thought I would never have to  go outside in them. Now mind you, while they are 6 years old, they also have chipped glass coating on the lenses as well as a 1/4 inch crack in the bottom right lens. Yes, I am going to work like this….. Looking like a busted hobo with glassy eyes because my ointment makes me look like I’ve been smoking something. Good times….  I have one more day left to wear these *crossing fingers* so I hope all goes well. LASIK is definitely higher on my priority sheet now.

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