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Ghetto Translations


#1 “I’m around da corner.” = I’m 45 minutes away

#2 “We in Dis Bitch!” = We Will be attending the event …

#3 Free my nigggaaa ______” = Although he did commit a crime that is against the law.. free him because he is my friend

#4 “so you mad?” = it amuses me that your angered by what just occurred when it didn’t seem like a big deal to me ……

#5 “you wasnt with me shootin in the gym” = you did not contribute to my current success in any way, shape or form

#6 “Where dey do dat at?” = What type of establishment allows behavior of that sort?

#7 Im Bout To Go Ham” = If you say 1 more thing that displeases me. I shall be forced to take disciplinary actions

#8 “I got da whip” = My mother was kind enough to let me use the car.

#9 “You Tryna Chill?” = I Really Want To Engage In Sexual Activity With You But If I Said That You Might Say No

#10 “I’m chillin tonight” = My current financial situation is not budgeted for extra curricular activity.”

# 11 “you aint bout that life” = your living standards are not fit for the situation at hand!

#12 “shit just got real” = The situation has escalated to the highest point of seriousness & is no longer a laughing matter!!

#13” Anyways”=The fuck you still talking for??

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