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Look Before you Speak


I had to write about this one because it was funny and jacked up all at the same time:
The other day I went into a restaurant to pick up my food that I had called in and in walked a lady and what I thought was a little girl. They sell wine at this establishment so the owner gave her a quick rundown of where everything was and gave her a wine list. The lady was looking at the list and was showing it to the “little girl”. I found that odd and so did the owner so I looked again and saw that it was a little person. She was not a young child but was an adult; however, the owner did not see this and proceeded to say something. All I saw was the woman and the young woman storm out. Moral of the story: Don’t jump to conclusions and think before you talk.

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One Response to “Look Before you Speak”

  1. hani says:

    I had a bagel shop a while back and it was right next to an OBGYN clinic. Making conversations with all the expecting moms was a daily occurence, until one day I asked an expected mom when she was due. She gave me an icy stare and said, ‘I am NOT pregnant!’

    I could have hidden in a bagel’s hole.