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More Life Updates


So just a few life updates:

- My betta, that I’ve had for over a year, died on Friday. The messed up thing about it is I think I killed him. I saw his fin looking a little messed up so I decided to put some Betta Fix in his tank. The minute I did that he started swimming around his bowl quickly with his head above water like a motorboat. He was swimming fine before that but after the treatment he began to stay on the gravel, leaning to the side like he couldn’t keep his tail end down. He of course stopped eating and died two weeks later. RIP Larry. :(

- Then I had a weird incident where I was at an appointment and my husband was home. He called me on my cell because a guy showed up at the door asking for me and when my husband asked for his name he replied, “Just a friend.” Wow….  I don’t hang out with dudes like that, nor  let anyone know where I live at so this isn’t good. I’ve been stalked before but that’s a whole different story. The only thing I can conclude is it’s a process server or someone like that. Life just gets better and better.

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