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My Thoughts – Part 2


Yes I sat around and came up with 18 more….

- Stop living your life seeking the approval of others. If you need the accolades of others to validate your life and/or accomplishments then you will lead a very lonely and unfulfilled existence. Do what you want because you enjoy it. Do you and stop wasting time worrying about what others think about you.

- The grass is not always greener on the other side: Everyone wants what they don’t have, but most don’t understand that what they have usually will suffice.

- Hesitation usually means no.

- Stop succumbing to the negativity of others. Misery loves company but that company doesn’t have to be you. Let that person loathe on their own.

- Do what you say: Your word is all you really have. There is nothing worse than when someone tells you they will do something and you know they will never come through. Constant disappointment is tiring and people lose faith in you.

- One shouldn’t ask for assistance with certain things until they have tried to help themselves first. Don’t ask others to do for you what you can do yourself. Crying helpless sometimes falls on deaf ears.

- Don’t live beyond your means. If you can’t afford the deductible to repair a dent on your luxury vehicle, then you obviously don’t need it. You should have bought a lesser vehicle and kept some disposable income. Buy what you can afford.

- Splurging is ok. You work hard so spend your money on what you want; however, don’t go around buying bags, shoes, and whatnot and not have anything in your name. Save some of that money as a down payment for something substantial, like a house.

- Priorities: If it’s a struggle to figure out if you will be paying your rent/mortgage bill or buying a frivolous item then you need to reevaluate yours.

- Pride: Stop letting your pride get in the way of what you need to do. If you are unemployed, take what you can. If you have to flip burgers for a living until you get something better then do so. Some money coming in is better than nothing.

- Fat free doesn’t give you the green light to gorge yourself on that particular food.

- Don’t take things personally. Sometimes people have other things going on in their life that trumps anything you are trying to talk about.

- Secrets usually don’t stay that way for long…. Everything comes to light eventually so stay on the up and up.

- Envy: If you feel the need to compete with someone ask yourself why. Someone will always have something better than you. Strive to be the best as a personal goal, not to make yourself feel superior over someone.

- Stop feeling sorry for yourself when things aren’t perfect. If you don’t like your current situation, do something about it! Don’t wait around for a handout or for someone to give you a way out. Make it happen.

- Life is full of struggle and hardship but you must stay strong and weather the storm. Don’t give up because you are never dealt anything that you can’t handle.

- Why would you purchase a vehicle you know you can’t drive? I have a rule: If you can’t back into a spot or make a right turn with your vehicle without some part of your tire meeting the curb, then you probably don’t need to be driving it. Buy what you are comfortable driving, not what you think others believe you should be seen in.

- Be patient and respectful to our elderly: Aging is inevitable and you will soon be in their shoes and will want someone to extend the same courtesies to you.

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