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About Me I am definitely one that sees the cup as half empty. I have decided to write a blog due to a lot of unexpected events that seem to happen in my life and to share some of my random thoughts/rants and product reviews. Not to mention I’m trying to embrace my new milestone of *clearing throat* 30. Sucks. I guess aging is inevitable just like death; however, it doesn’t mean I have to welcome it with open arms. The past couple of years have been extremely trying and it doesn’t seem to be letting up. When I catch a break another obstacle arrives. Finances, stalkers, haters, toxic friends, family issues, job woes,etc. Stay tuned to my life unpredicted. Not all bad but definitely not all good. Continuing to weather the storm….
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Sleeping Kid

Turd Burger

Would you eat this? Hellll No!!! This gives new meaning to telling someone to eat shit. Haa!!

What in The Hell?!

WTF?!! Omg! It’s like looking at a train wreck. I can’t look away…. Why oh why must it be this way?

Talking Dog

Too funny!

The Ugly Dance

Ha! This site is entertaining ( Upload a photo of yourself and move.

Holy Crap!!

I would have shat myself. No lie!!

Tips for Driving While Black (DWB)

I definitely follow some of these. Definitely need the white friend.

Guilty Dog

Too funny…. :D

Charlie Sheen Spoof

Haaaa!! Winning! Dude needs help….

Little Girls Respond to Lil’ Wayne

People are giving these little girls bad reviews for the song, but I actually like the message they are trying to convey.

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