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Sammy Sosa – WTH?!

Hot Mess

What is Really Going on?

What in the hell is up with dude? Skin Rejuvenation? Are you kidding me? Let me guess, lighter eyes and straighter hair were side effects as well right?  Sammy needs to stop the lying and admit he bleached the hell out of his skin to look less ethnic. Why are people so uptight about skin shades? He is no better than Lil’ Kim in my book. This chick bleaches her skin, wears light colored contacts and horrific lace front wigs. Let’s not forget the countless surgeries to make herself look less ethnic. I still remember hearing how she was mad that a black girl played her in the Notorious movie. She wanted a Latina to play her. Uh, no….

Sammy needs a reality check. Colored contacts and a hair kit is not making him look like another race. He looks crazy and now has that unatural shade that Michael Jackson had (rest his soul).  He looks crazy and dare I say it, suspect. He looks sweeter than a birthday cake in this picture and the chick with him clearly is not pleased either. He looks a hot a mess and it’s shameful. Somebody needs to tell him he looks crazy. Get it together!

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