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Tips – Debit Visa/Mastercard

Light Bulb
If you still want to have the convenience of having a credit card, get a prepaid debit card. I have a bank debit card that I use for everyday purchases, but for items online, like subscriptions, I use a prepaid debit card. The card in particular I use is Greendot. You can go to to check it out. Now you may ask why even get this at all if I have a debit card? Let me explain: Have you ever wanted to buy something or join a site online and they ask for credit card for validation? Have you tried to sign up for something and they allow you a free trial but need a valid card to charge after the fact? They charge your card $1 to verify that the card is legit. I decided to get one of these reloadable cards after I canceled with a few companies before my trial period was up and the rat bastards still charged my card after the fact. I got tired of opening disputes with my bank about unauthorized charges and/or getting a new card altogether. I just load the amount I know I’m going to spend for an item on the card. If the funds are depleted then no one can charge anything on it. You can also log in and track who has been charging your card and you can see the approved or declined status as well. Eventually these scumbags realize they can’t keep charging my card and eventually stop trying to send fraudulent charges through. I mainly use it for online purchases. You buy the reload Moneypak card at the store ($4.99 activation fee and a minimum of $20 on the card) and go online to activate it. It’s pretty easy and it has prevented a lot of hassles for me. The only con for me is they charge you a $5 fee each month to maintain your account if you don’t get direct deposit sent to card. I guess nothing can be perfect. Does anyone else use this card?

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